Greater Lowell Technical Parent Organization

2020 Wreath and Kissing Ball Fundraiser


*The advertised size of the wreath is the diameter of the metal ring used to make the wreaths.

The ACTUAL SIZE of the wreath is about 8-12” larger.

*Wreaths are double-faced: both sides of the metal ring are covered with balsam fir pine.

*Wreaths are decorated with pine cones, berries and large festive bows.

*Kissing balls are decorated with a bow and tail.





**Wreath and Kissing Ball are similar to pictures above**

12" Wreath - $25.00

16" Wreath - $29.00

24" Wreath - $37.00

Kissing Ball - $35.00

Orders must be placed by

November 16, 2020

Pickup Date will be either December 5th or December 6th.  

Pickup Date, Location and Time will be announced on or before by December 1, 2020